John DeLand Roofing

Roofer working


Is a John DeLand Roof Guaranteed?

Yes, our workmanship is fully guaranteed. Roofing material companies typically cover from 15 - 30 years.

Why is Insurance Important?

Roofing contractors must be fully insured by law. Unfortunately, not all are. Insurance protects your home from damage and ensures the home owner does not have liability in the unlikely event of an accident. John DeLand is fully insured by the state of New York and provides each customer a certificate of insurance prior to each job beginning.

How Does The Process Work?

It starts with a phone call. Generally we will ask you a few questions and if it's requested, John will come to your home and provide an estimate. The estimate will include everything from recommendations on roofing materials and installation process, down to the safe removal and disposal of your old roofing shingles. If the job is awarded, we will work with the homeowner to schedule a time for the job to get done. On the day of the job, John will walk the homeowner through the process and answer any questions. On the day the job is completed, John will do a walk-through with the homeowner to make sure everything is clean and up to the homeowners standards.

Who Will Be On The Job?

John DeLand has a 3 man roofing crew. Few people with his experience still do the work as John does. He is on every job and on every roof, doing the work with the crew to ensure the job is perfect.

What Kinds of Roofs?

Residential roofs are our speciality. This includes low-pitched residential roofing.

What About Roof Repairs?

We are happy to do re-pair work and are frequently called into to troubleshoot the most difficult repairs.

Why Choose John DeLand Roofing Over A Brand Like Home Depot or Sears?

We have over 35 years of experience putting on roofs in Central New York. John personally project manages every job. And most of all, the big brands sub contract local outfits to put on your roof. If you have problems you get a 1-800 number to call. With John DeLand, you can pick up the phone anytime and talk directly to him.